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The Full Story

Before ICSA was ECSA

Before being International, ICSA was aimed at European scientists and was initially known as ECSA, the European Cell Senescence Association.  

ECSA was founded by Prof Dot Bennett in 2012. Feeling that the topic was really important and needed its own society, Prof Bennett set up the first group in February 2012 as a mailing list, with just 14 member. Word spread rapidly and by the time of the first ECSA conference in June 2013 (Cambridge, England), there were over 80 members and ~200 people attended the conference.

Dot Bennett, ICSA Founder
ECSA Conference 2013
Santiago de Compostella

When ECSA became ICSA

ECSA Founder, Dot Bennett, was elected as the First President in 2013. The first Steering Committee was formed and a Constitution was written.

By the second meeting in Santiago de Compostella (Spain) in 2015, there were over 350 members from all over the World. It was then decided to change the name to ICSA (International Cell Senescence Association). The website was created.

The popularity and constant growing of the ICSA speaks for the vast interest there is in the topic of Cellular Senescence, and the increasing number of groups around the world currently working on this topic. 


ICSA members have met annually between 2015 and 2019, in a different country each year (Spain, Israel, France, Canada, Greece). Furthermore, local ICSA communities organize workshops in between the full meetings. As of 2021, there were over 800 people on the ICSA mailing list, from 42 different countries!

ICSA members 2021