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Companies targeting cell senescence and ageing

Our initial focus at UNITY is on selectively eliminating senescent cells.

Cellular senescence is a biological “emergency brake” cells use to stop dividing.  It’s an important anti-tumor mechanism, because it prevents cells from multiplying out of control. But after this “brake” has been pulled, senescent cells remain in the body, accumulating with age. And unlike normal cells, these cells secrete inflammatory molecules that harm neighboring cells and tissues.

UNITY has demonstrated in animal models that selectively eliminating senescent cells reverses or prevents a wide range of diseases, including osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, eye diseases, and kidney diseases.

At Oisín we believe that the solution to mitigating the effects of age-related diseases is to address the damage created by the aging process itself.

When cells detect that they have been irretrievably damaged, they enter a non-dividing condition known as cell-cycle arrest, or senescence. It’s believed this occurs to prevent cells from going “rogue” and turning cancerous. Ideally, they should die by the process known as apoptosis, but in this case, they don’t. They become “zombie cells” – unable to kill themselves or resume normal function. Senescent cells secrete molecules that cause inflammation in an effort to attract immune cells that would usually clear them. But for reasons that are not fully known, as we age, persistently senescent cells accumulate, leading to a large number of age-related diseases.

Oisín is developing a genetically-targeted intervention to clear these cells

Every cell in our body has the potential to become senescent as a consequence of various stresses. By unraveling the enormous heterogeneity od senescent cells, our researchers at Cleara identified the genes at the core of the senescence program. In addition, we obtained evidence for the existence of senescence "subtypes" which play different roles in disease development. Based on these discoveries, Cleara is developing new senescence biomarkers for diagnostics and drug targeting.

At Cleara Boitech, we are highly motivated to develop safe and effective treatments to counter the negative aspects of aging and target diseases like therapy-resistant late stage cancer. We aim to do so by generating compounds that are capable of selectively eliminating senescent and senescent-like cancer cells.

Cleara Biotech is the exciting result of a long and proven academic history of the key members of our scientific team.

Everon Biosciences, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the goal of developing anti-aging medicines. Company’s scientific program and vision are based on principles of eradicating the cellular foundations of aging formulated by Prof. Andrei Gudkov, Senior Vice President of Research Programming and Development of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the world’s oldest cancer research center. From the very beginning, the institute has been Everon’s supportive shareholder and a reliable partner, providing access to its rich technical infrastructure and its scientists and physicians. This strategic collaboration resulted in the development of pharmacological and immunological approaches to treatment of age-related frailty. Everon holds a unique position among recently launched anti-aging companies in its approach to the treatment of aging from all major R&D aspects: mechanistic understanding of aging process, access to targets, availability of proprietary drug candidates, strong preclinical efficacy indications, the development of diagnostic tools and clinical strategy.

SIWA Therapeutics is a privately held preclinical stage biotechnology company that has a monoclonal antibody that targets and destroys senescent cells.

Our current therapeutic focus is on certain rare and fast track diseases, including cancer metastasis and muscle wasting diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. Beyond these indications, senescent cells are causally implicated in a wide variety of diseases including: neurodegenerative diseases; autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases.SIWA is currently optimizing its lead antibody,

SIWA 318, and in parallel, seeking partnerships to advance SIWA 318 and other related technologies to broaden and accelerate its development pipeline.

We dream of a world where all people can enjoy their 80s in the same way they enjoyed their 20s. A world where people no longer suffer from age-related diseases. A world where we are all given more time to spend with our loved ones.

We are working hard on making this dream a reality.

CellAge is a disruptive startup aiming to increase human healthspan and reduce the incidence of age-related diseases by helping human body destroy aged cells. Our technology concept harvests the promises from synthetic biology and recent findings in ageing research to develop novel products and therapies.

Our mission is to advance ageing research further and help people live healthier lives.